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I am the face of the 70s - snap me up

Christopher John Tarrant, OBE (born 10 October 1942, Reading, Berkshire) is an English radio broadcaster and television presenter, now best known for hosting the TV game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Chris Tarrant
Tarrant was educated at the King's School, Worcester (1960-4) where he excelled at cricket and hockey, although he has often said they were not happy times, recalling his "very strict" schooldays in a fund-raising book of memories, and in 1999 describing the school as a "modern-day Iran."

After turning down a place at Oxford University, Tarrant attended the University of Birmingham, where he read English and worked as a teacher in Brockley for a while following graduation.

It is worth noting Chris Tarrant was thrown out of Chamberlain Hall for tying a Brent Goose's wings together and throwing it off the 13th floor of the tower.

Though in a respectable job, he found himself homeless after walking out on a girlfriend without anywhere to stay, so for six months he lived in his grey mini van in the grounds of the school where he worked.
Bored stiff with life as a teacher, Tarrant wrote a series of insolent letters to television companies claiming brazenly: "I am the face of the 70s and this is your last chance to snap me up".

He eventually gave up teaching to pursue his dream of television, driving a truck during the day and becoming a Birmingham based DJ during the night. Incredibly, the effort paid off and he was invited by the Midlands-based ATV for an audition and ended up as a newsreader on the regional bulletins.
Chris Tarrant - Tiswas
Chris Tarrant - Tiswas
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ATV & Tiswas
Tarrant became known locally as a reporter on light-hearted or "wacky" stories on the main news bulletins for ATV...
Capital Radio
In 1984, Tarrant joined London commercial radio station Capital Radio, firstly presenting the weekday lunchtime show, before taking on the breakfast show...
Present Career
Tarrant combined his radio day job with many TV projects of varying quality and success, including the early 90s ITV quiz show "Lose A Million"...







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